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- samples of my hand-held shooting of jazz events

- samples of web uploads to Jazz Web Sites as inserts in a journalist review

- provide opportunities for edited projects on

- list recognizable jazz artists, jazz styles, historic never seen footage

- why a Jazz fan/collector/hobbyist wants a “Watch Jazz Happen” Project

Extra-all DVD’s become examples of shoots for “Watch Jazz Happen” Projects


Daniel Kassell has mini-discs
(8cm) either DVD-R or DVD-RW shot from on a Sony DCR-DVD 201 Handycam that uses
Pixela Imagemaker 1.5 software 2005-2006. 
Upgraded to Sony DCR-DVD403 Handycam in 2007 that uses Picture Perfect
1.8 software by Pixela.

Daniel has compiled a rough cut
script awaiting editing/marketing funds. We seek projects and will solicit
paid/foundation/patron interest for editing and producing historic jazz



Daniel Kassell will incorporate
his early jazz history experiences to develop a comprehensive personal
Memorabilia Documentary as an example of what Jazz Collector with jazz
memorabilia, record collections, audio remembrances, photos, favorite
recordings would want in a digital visual history of their Jazz collection.


Morton Books Yusef Lateef “The
Gentle Giant” by Herb Boyd Book Signing, 1/26/07

12 minutes of 1 ½ hours edited
for client and presented one week after shoot. This short was intentional to
reduce cost and complete the project quickly.

Harlem Blues and Jazz Band at Brooklyn College, Duplicated for Resale

“Vince Giordano and the
Nighthawks”(6/7/07) at the Grand
Harmony Place
in Chinatown.

“The First Annual Dance
Parade”(5/18/07) down Broadway to Washington Square Park with an interview of
Norman Siegel explaining why dancing in New York should be considered an art
and not prevented by an antique Cabaret law.

Tap Extravaganza, 2007 on the
Fashion Institute of Technology stage, 5/7/07.

“The Duke Ellington Society
Conference (4/7/07) at [email protected]

APAP Showcase Performances:
Allan Harris, LaVay Smith, Turtle
String Quartet,
Jan 2007.

Bucky Pizzarelli’s 80th
Birthday, JVC-Hunter
, Kaye Playhouse,
June 2006.

John Pizzarelli Orchestra
“Sinatra Tribute” Newport
Jazz Festival-2006. Opening Act: Jane Monheit.

Jazz Journalist Association
Awards, BB Kings, June 19, 2006.

Minton’s Playhouse Opening night
with Patience Higgins Sugar Hill Quartet, 5/19/06.

Daniel Kassell as MC for the
evening invited several famous old-timers to recall the original Minton’s.

Artie Shaw’s Band with Dick
Johnson-clarinet, Newport Jazz Festival-2005

Dick and Artie’s manager
interviewed after sound-check on Tennis Stadium deck.


Seeking to start off modestly
and do individual projects in order to develop a working relationship with an
editor with contemporary creativity that will enable me to organize what I’ve
shot into 28 minute “Watch Jazz Happen” shows for broadcast on New York City’s Manhattan Neighborhood


Daniel Kassell is a Music
specialist utilizing
music marketing, sales promotion, public relations and advertising experience
to improve results for Jazz Music clients.


AUTHENTIC MARKETING activates new business development by utilizing
authenticity, personal integrity, DVD video and networking to produce rapid
business growth.


and budget development

Relations by phone & e-mail

development copy writing

promotion planning

mail marketing and printing



Morgan: Coaching and marketing development for this talented vocalist.

Harlem Blues and Jazz Band: Promoted Jazz Documentary “The Last of
the First” at Tribeca Film Fest.

Annette Hollander: Developed action plans to present to
agents for this talented vocalist.

Minton’s Uptown Lounge: Developed Publicity Program to
reopen this landmark.

Creole N’Awlins Restaurant: Initiated publicity and Supper
Club Dinner Shows.

Copeland’s Restaurant: Developed upscale Jazz Marketing
& Publicity programs.

Cunning Music: Produced stunning postcard and biz card for
jazz string bassist Bob Cunningham.

JSS Music: A developed marketing plan to sell Dick Hyman’s “Century of Jazz Piano” CD-Rom.

Shutters Cafe: Reopened this venue with well-known jazz
artists and my Hot Blues & Jam Band.

Sol Yaged: DVD of Benny Goodman’s Quartet redux at the New
Village Gate.

Misako Kano: Management, marketing during Knit outreach
campaign for “Watch Out” CD.

Lynne Arriale: Produced 4/color jazz kit materials that
successfully influenced high profile jazz venues.

M/Art Music: Representing trumpeter Fred Jacobs, produced
start-up marketing plan, CD booklet art,

 ad & a pr
campaign that charted #22 with 150 radio stations in the U.S.

Hoagy & Bix, a musical: Arranged for investors for a
Broadway play.

Arif Verner: Shopped MIDI
guitarist demo to 25+ contacts and negotiated recording contract.

Harold Danko, Barbara Lea: Conceived unique mail order promotion
and provided mail fulfillment.

James Williams: Published JW NewsLetter with extensive jazz discography and history.

Carelle: Presented “The Zen of Selling” Seminar to sales and
marketing executives.

Folk City: Successfully
publicized the 20th Anniversary of this famous Greenwich landmark.


get a better idea the nature of what I’ve covered and reviewed Google “Dan
Kassell Jazz”



315 W. 61st Street
- Studio 12M

New York, NY


Free: (866) 411-JASS

[email protected]

 Go out and Watch Jazz Happen!



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