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Dear Anti-Aging Seekers,

At a meeting of leading edge thinkers in San Francisco I listened to biochemist, Patrick Mooney speak of the benefits of "Orthomolecular Nutrition" over the then accepted "one-a-day" vitamin theory and soon joined his SuperNutrition Research team in 1982 as a founding Distributor. SuperNutrition is still the best anti-oxidant vitamin and was recognized by Whole Foods in 2007 as the best value.

In 1983, as his Business Consultant, I helped Robert Picker, MD in founding his Holistic Health Center and in developing the first business plan that included “Network Marketing” for holistic health professionals to provide the latest diagnostic technology. That experience taught me both the worst AMA suppression of nutritional research and the best that Complimentary and Alternative Medicine can offer.

Because SuperNutrition includes improved natural supplements, as research provides best evidence, users can be confident of receiving contemporary scientifically proven up-to-date potencies.

In 1996, while researching a recovery protocol for a 56 year-old woman’s bypass, open heart surgery and diabetes, Warren M. Levin, MD recommended diet, exercise, Anti-Aging an Orthomolecular Supplement program, SuperNutrition’s Opti-Pack (without iron) and daily liquid Arginine. She began improving immediately and fully recovered within a year. You can too.

Many successful monthly users have motivated me to reach out to find others who could benefit from reducing the effects of aging by adding natural Nutraceuticals with every healthy meal.

If you believe you, or someone you know could benefit, call me Toll Free at (866)411-5277 to receive a complimentary discount.

In Good Health,

Daniel Kassell
Certified Peer Heart Counselor

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