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The concept of “authentic” marketing is one aspect of an idealistic philosophy of doing business that is gaining more and more popularity every day.


“When you do not separate what you are from what you do” – That’s authentic marketing.

It is based on principles that will accelerate business growth from the moment they are embraced. Essentially, authentic marketing empowers you to be yourself in the business world.


Commitment - We show you how to analyze your opportunities, and problems . . . to sharpen your focus on objectives.


Awareness - Authentic Marketing will simplify your business decisions by developing the tools needed to quantify, analyze, and evaluate alternatives.


Practice - We provide practical advice on marketing, website development for promoting your business or profession.


Courage - Authentic Marketing provides the optimism needed to overcome uncertainties associated with new business development.


Daniel Kassell consults in a variety of marketing disciplines specializing in NEW business development. In one session, Authentic Marketing will establish a plan to meet your business or professional goals.


Introductory Coaching Session

$15.00 for 15 Minutes

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